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Shroom TECH Sport Review

Shroom TECH Sport Review admin

Summary: Shroom TECH Sport is a high quality, safe energy booster for consumers of any kind. Whether you're an athlete or just someone trying to improve their fitness, this supplement will provide you a relatively stimulant free boost that can increase performance. With a bullet-proof, 30-day money back guarantee it can't hurt to at least try it for a few weeks.



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visitwebsitesmallOnnit Shroom TECH Sport was created to provide athletes with an all natural, safe energy booster that could be taken every day… even the same day of a competition. 

Shroom TECH Sport is an energy booster that wants to do many different things. According to Onnit Labs (the company behind Shroom TECH Sport), this supplement aims to:

- Give you a clean energy boost WITHOUT too many stimulants

- Be effective as a pre-workout supplement

- Be safe enough to use the day of athletic competition

- Provide general health benefits

So let’s get a little bit of background info on Onnit Labs to see what they’re all about.

What is “Onnit Labs”?

Current Onnit CEO Aubrey Marcus’ goal is to “inspire peak performance through a combination of unique products and actionable information”.

Aubrey simply wanted to create supplements that increased the overall quality of a person’s life in a myriad of ways. That means improved appearance, increased fitness level, better mental function, a heightened immune system… you name it.

I have reviewed other Onnit products here, and they’ve always left me very impressed. With this new energy booster I was very excited to see how well it really worked.

Well… did it work? Is it worth your time? Let’s take a look at how Shroom TECH Sport actually works.

How does Shroom TECH Sport work?

The best way to look at a product like this is to take a look at each individual ingredient and see exactly what they do.


1. Cordyseps Sinensis

This is where the “shroom” in Shroom TECH Sport comes from. Cordyseps Sinensis is a mushroom that has been shown to provide a number of benefits. It can increase oxygen in the lungs, reduce inflammation, improve cognitive function, and prevent fatigue. Perhaps the most important benefit for athletes is that it can reduce heart rate while increasing blood flow, resulting in increased cardiovascular performance. [1]

The western world was introduced to cordyseps sinensis for the first time by three chinese athletes who shattered world records in the 1,500, 3,000, and 10,000 meter dashes. They were expected to fail drug tests following the race, but passed with flying colors. The coach revealed afterwards that they were taking cordyseps sinensis, thus spurring on numerous athletes to adopt the substance into their regimen. [2]

2. Rhodiola 

Recognized by the Russians as a potent adaptogen (an adaptogen is a substance that increase the body’s immune system and normalize the body’s functions), this substance is synergistic in nature with cordyseps sinensis. This has become increasingly popular over the years as it was revealed that Russian olympians had been using this stuff for a very long time to gain a competitive edge. [3]

3. Astragalus

Another type of adaptogen, this helps the body deal with stress and cope with stressful situations. Athletes are typically under quite a bit of stress during competition, so this Chinese herb has seen extensive use by pros and amateur competitors alike. [4]

4. Green Tea Extract

This is the only stimulant in Shroom TECH Sport, due to the small amount of caffeine in it. It is a very powerful antioxidant which can help fight free radicals in the body. [5]

5. Siberian Ginseng

Onnit Labs seem to like Russian ingredients. Regardless, this is another potent adaptogen that can help you handle physical and mental stress much better. [6]

6. Alpha Lipoic Acid

This mega powerful antioxidant is great for cognitive function, preventing brain disease, and has been used to treat the symptoms of HIV/AIDS. This can help defend against those nasty free radicals. [7]

7. Chelated Magnesium

Magnesium that is “chelated” is easier to absorb than how magnesium is found in traditional supplements. This is essential to bodily function and can help with muscle function and hydration. [8]

8. Picolinated Chromium 

This is the same as normal Chromium, however it’s been made more bio-available because it has been picolinated. Chromium, like magnesium,  is vital for optimal body function. It’s primary purpose in Shroom TECH Sport is to regulate blood sugar levels to help with athletic performance. [9]

9. Vitamin B-12

This vitamin, found in many other supplements, is used to aid brain function and help athletes power through fatigue. [10]

Tons of great ingredients, awesome! But does it work?

In my personal trial with Shroom TECH Sport I experienced many benefits and thought that Onnit Labs achieved their goal in creating an all natural energy booster.

I am no olympic athlete by any means… nor do I find myself partaking in intense competition (unless you count pick up basketball down at the YMCA).

However I did use this as a pre-workout supplement (30 minutes before my workout) and it had a dramatic effect on my cardiovascular performance, and I didn’t burn out as quickly when lifting weights.

For my fellow lifters out there, I can say that I was definitely able to handle the weight better in my later sets. Now, I wasn’t able to lift more per say – there aren’t any legal supplements out there that can straight up increase your lifts (in my experience).

When I finished up my workout with cardio, I felt the biggest difference here. The infamous “wall” that all runners experience didn’t hit me when I was running – at the very least Shroom TECH Sport delayed it from slowing me down.

On my rest days I also felt more energized than normal. Maybe it was the trace amounts of caffeine in the green tea extract, or maybe it was the synergistic benefits of the other ingredients… but I did feel the energy boost that lasted throughout most of the day.

Who should take Shroom TECH Sport?

Anyone who wants a clean, safe energy boost that won’t make you feel like a dog with rabies (I’m looking at you, N.O. Xplode) should try Shroom TECH Sport. If you’re looking for increased cardiovascular performance I can say that in my experiences with Shroom TECH Sport it worked very well. Even if you just want an energy boost through the work day, this can be a great solution.


- All natural ingredients that have been used at the highest level of athletic competition by elite athletes

- Low in stimulants for an energy booster. No fidgeting or twitching here.

- High in antioxidants to fight cancer causing free radicals in the body.

- No banned substances, so athletes can confidently use this the same day of a competition.

- Vegan friendly, go nuts my veggie friends


- Because it isn’t stimulant heavy, it won’t hit you as fast or as hard as the competition.

- Sneaks up on you over the course of 30 minutes to an hour, so take it 30 minutes prior to your workout/competition.




Disclaimer: There is no guarantee of specific results from any products listed here, and experiences may vary.



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