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Mood lumiday


Lumiday Review

Lumiday Natural Mood Enhancement promises enhanced mood, reduced stress levels, and even appetite control… however it comes at a premium price. Is it worth it? Let’s see in our comprehensive review:

Lumiday is a widely available, popular mood augmenting supplement that you can find in any GNC in North America.

When I look at supplements, I try to only highlight ones that are based off of ingredients that have at least a trace of scientific research backing their effectiveness.

With that being said, most “widely available” supplements stink compared to the ones you have to special order. They have ingredients that aren’t easily absorbed, are mostly synthetic (not naturally sourced), and are cheap because they are trying to beat out the competition on store shelves.

Lumiday is different from the typical store variety supplement in that it’s pricey to begin with ($69.00 a bottle at some stores). However, it has 12 high quality ingredients that offer way more than the typical generic brand.

So don’t let the price scare you just yet… let’s dive in and see if it’s worth that high price point.

How does Lumiday work?

Like I said before, there are 12 different ingredients that Lumiday relies on to function. Let’s look at each individually to see what they do.


1. Vitamin D3

Vitamin D, aka the “sunshine vitamin”. There’s no specific scientific studies that suggest that any kind of vitamin D will cause an increase in happiness level, however. [1]

2. Thiamin B1

Renowned for it’s ability to curb appetite, thiamin (vitamin B1) helps your body do a better job with regulating hunger. [2]

3. Niacin B3

A niacin deficiency can lead to depression, or just a bad mood in general.  [3]

4. Vitamin B6

This vitamin has many benefits – however the most important one for Lumiday’s purposes is that it can increase energy in the body by synthesizing hemoglobin, which carries oxygen through the bloodstream. [4]

5. Vitamin B9

According to The University Of Maryland Medical Center, vitamin B9 may help relieve symptoms of depression and increase serotonin (the neurotransmitter that is responsible for happiness) production, however further research needs to be conducted. [5]

6. Vitamin B12

This vitamin is very important for energy production by regulating how you use carbohydrates, blood sugar, and important functions of the central nervous system. Note that B12 is stored in the liver for years, so if you’re feeling tired a vitamin B12 deficiency is unlikely. [6]

7. Vitamin B5

The University of Pittsburgh Medical Center states that vitamin B5 may be able to reduce the effects of stress on the body. [7]

8. L-Theanine

This non-essential amino acid (commonly found in green tea) can help reduce stress, anxiety, and induce a deeper sleep. [8]

9. 5-HTP

This chemical comes from the essential amino acid tryptophan (found in high protein foods, like turkey). This compound converts into serotonin. [9]

10. St. John’s Wort Extract

Derived from St. John’s Wort, this extract can be used to treat mild depression (though there is some controversy to how beneficial it is). [10]

11. Rhodiola

As a potent adaptogen (a substance that increases the body’s immune system and normalizes the body’s functions), this substance can improve overall health. [11]

12. Ashwaghanda

An August 2009 issue of the medical journal “PLoS One” found that this adaptogen herb can reduce anxiety in patients. [12]

Lots of great ingredients – but can they improve someone’s mood?

Great question… let me start by saying that this is NOT a fast acting mood enhancer – nor does it intend to be.

Lumiday is supposed to last all day (hence the “day” in the title). Over a 2 week period I took it in the morning and felt the effects throughout the work day.

I can confidently say that even on the first day, I could feel the effects. I’ve mentioned in other reviews I work in a high pressure field (sales) and am constantly feeling the heat from both my boss and competition from co-workers. This did alleviate much of my anxiety throughout the day, which could directly cause an improvement of mood.

However, I didn’t think Lumiday worked as well as some other mood boosters out there. Maybe it was because it didn’t come on very quickly… or maybe because it resembles more of a souped-up multivitamin than a mood enhancer.


- Many beneficial ingredients

- Can last you all day

- No negative side effects that I noticed

- Provides the intended effect


- Not as potent as other (cheaper) products

- That price is a little tough to get over…

- Didn’t notice any appetite suppression




Disclaimer: There is no guarantee of specific results from any products listed here, and experiences may vary.


Lumiday Review admin

Summary: Lumiday Natural Mood Enhancement does a good job of improving overall mood and preventing anxiety. However, at this pricing point you'd expect a whole lot more. The competition can do it better (and cheaper, too!).



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